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Words and terminology found in or relating to the subject of savagery, texts of lore, or the dialect commonly frequented by the Toesman. Welcome to the toebock dictionary.

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Court Tour x Chapter 1

The groundwork for The Court Tour begins to unfold as two lovers venture into the magnificent Yosemite National Forest. How could anything go wrong?

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Court Tour X Chapter 2

After leaving the Sequoia National Forest, the couple finds themselves on Route 66 and in the grasp of an empty quarrel. The stars begin their alignment for The Court Tour.

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Court Tour x Chapter 3

Route 66 welcomes the adventurers, and a change of plans brings them to the city that never stops blowing it, Las Vegas. Perfect conditions for The Court Tour.

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Court Tour x Chapter 4

Our story takes a turn for the worst, as the first disaster falls into place. Travis Knight learns that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

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Court Tour x Chapter 5

Travis Knight wakes up in the Grand Slammer, not the Grand Canyon. Contained like an animal in a cage, with a possible 51/50 stamped on his name, he knows he blew it pretty hard this time.

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Court Tour x Chapter 6

Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” becomes reality as the troubled, Court Tour bound Travis Knight battles the medic block within Clark County Jail.

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