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San Jose x Dont Act Famous

San Jose section from Dont Act Famous, featuring the Tiltmode Army’s finest: Jesse Erickson, Jose Rojo, Mike Salsberg, and the rest of the gang.

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Mike Salsberg: San Jose’s Secret Weapon

Mike Salsberg sits down for a first-time interview about the history of skateboarding in San Jose, Shrimp Louie, and his long-time connection with Team Toe.

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Connor Ferguson x Kameron Loveless [ Bricked Up ]

FIREXSIDE cohorts, Connor & Kameron team up for a lil something with extra footy from upcoming Location Skateshop video.

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Jerrod Saba x Dont Act Famous

Jerrod Saba video part from Don’t Act Famous (2008) has aged quite well, so we’ve re-uploaded it for more clarity and your enjoyment.

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Kameron Loveless x GATEWAY

Anyone who has ever skated Kitsap County’s Silverdale Park remembers it as a dump at best. Its weather-torn transitions, crusty spines, and that one big rail that no one ever skates isn’t exactly inviting. For Kameron Loveless, though, this is home-sweet-home.

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Santa Rosa Park x Dont Act Famous

Santa Rosa Park section from Toebock Don’t Act Famous with Silas Baxter-Neal, Matt Kehoe and the rest of the Rosa squad.

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