Video: Adam Crew
16mm Film: Ben Ericson
Additional Video: Adam Klien/Kameron Loveless
It was the later side of the mid-90s when the first clips filmed on Downtown Bremerton’s iconic 4th street arose of a teenage Adam Crew, self-proclaimed “ILLA” and early founder of today’s Toebocracy. Now, in 2024, it’s the new generation’s turn to trek forth with the torch.
After two decades of planning, the City of Bremerton is moving to tear down 4th Street, which is their attempt to bring bourgeois to downtown Brem (GOOD LUCK!). The street will be rebuilt as Quincy Square, a tribute to the famed producer (and Kitsap native), Quincy Jones. To capture one last glimpse of the Downtown Bremerton 4th Street that we’ve known and loved all our lives, Connor Ferguson has put together this short but powerful edit. The skating is raw and steezy, showcasing everything we love about Connor’s skating.
Every trick was filmed within a stone’s throw of the lifelong resident’s Location Skateshop and the historic Roxy Theatre, established nearly a century-and-a-half ago. We’re super stoked to share this piece of history crafted by Connor, and with renovations right around the corner, he pumped this out just in the nick of time.