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FIREXSIDE Last Man Standing Release Article x Toebock

Last Man Standing x FIREXSIDE


FIREXSIDE pays tribute to two of the most prominent Toesmen left in the game: Tyler Price & Steve Perdue. These two street soldiers are always among the last men standing.

Life of an Outlaw: Nichalos “Twig” Ruddy

“Don’t even trip, fool,” would surely be the first words out of his mouth if he knew his friends were writing this memorial for him, with that rotten little smirk he’d jet your way and you knew he was right.

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Let Me Get a Bite: Austin’s Pilot Point Rendezvous

Take a bite and step into Austin Iles’ magical Pilot Point Rendevous. In this piece of lore, Travis Knight gets weird with Bobby Dodd, Connor Ferguson, and Steve Perdue… just to name a few.

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Viva La Mexi Thomas

A tribute to a true Toesman, a true visionary, and a true friend. Life will never be the same without Josh Almanza, A.K.A. Mexi Thomas. All we can do now is remember the good times. Josh, you will forever be in our hearts.

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Old Town Pub Tribute

Old Town Pub has always shown love for Team Toe, so with its closing comes a tribute. Join Austin Iles & Travis Knight as they share some history & stories of this historical staple of Silverdale, WA.

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Elder Earl the Cat

Toebock IN Miami was where one of the oldest tales in Toebock American Folklore was born; a tale of a relentless spirit that still lurks today. Meet Earl… a cat that never couldn’t.

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Paul Sewell is PRO!

There are many shades of Paul Sewell: scholar, big brother, comedian, voice of reason, Costanza. Now, Paul has claimed yet another title. He has risen from FLOW MAN to PRO MAN!

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