24 Deep

24 Deep | San Jose, Ca

Forward by- Travis Knight
Jesse Erickson was a Jack of all trades, and a master of all he touched. Whether it was building ramps and houses, putting out parts that are still unmatched today, team managing legends, or making funny skits and films of his own, Jesse imbedded authenticity and mastery in everything he did. It is not his craftsmanship or larger-than-life philosophy that we will remember him for. It is his heart, huge and always giving, that we will always hold close to our own. Jesse had unconditional support for those he loved, and as a result, he left an indelible impact on anyone who had the honor of crossing his path.

The influence that Jesse Erickson had on skateboarding was immense but his many talents far outreached skating. It is difficult to summarize the many accomplishments and contributions of Jesse Erickson. Yet there is one place that reflects the man’s many projects, his authentic art, his sense of humor, and his boundless love for his friends (and his dogs).
Jesse Erickson

Behind the scenes with Jesse & Osmar Villareal

To walk through 24 Deep is to walk through an era spanning back over two decades. Those years were full of skateboarding, shenanigans, constant construction, and good times. From reflections of craftsmanship to the totally bizarre, Jesse’s legacy lives on in the many strange and beautiful sights that one would catch during a stroll through Jesse's San Jose sanctuary.
You’d see large freeway signs, relics leftover from Jesse’s iconic “licks.”
You’d see legends lurking, celebrated toesman such as Mike Salsberg, Julian Quevedo, Matt Eversole, and Johnny Pryor—just to name a few—could be caught in the wild at 24 Deep.
You'd see looming rebar sculptures handcrafted by Jesse, heavy equipment like the excavator he painted gun metal black, large lathes, a few dead skunk skulls, and a ton of tools.
You’d see his dogs running around, playing fetch with anyone who would throw a ball, their ears stretched back by their stride, dodging remnants of old ramps that Jesse would frequently build and tear down. One such ramp started off the “Don’t Act Famous” San Jose part, a classic section that we still very much cherish today.
Jesse Erickson

San Jose, Ca | Photo: Mark Whitley

The end of 24 Deep has marked the end of an era. To commemorate Jesse Erickson and the San Jose compound that he—and many others—called home, Brandon Hurley & FIREXSIDE Skateboards capture some iconic staples associated with the South Bay sanctuary.
As the final curtain closes, we hope that this special piece will find its way into your heart, just as Jesse made his way into the hearts of all who had the honor of calling him friend. The supplies are limited and in tribute to what we think Jesse would do if he were here… rising prices are definitely in the near future. So, don’t be a little bitch… GET YOURS FOOL!

"I'll sell more boards than any of these f******s."

Jesse Erickson

Jesse Ericson x 24 Deep deck - Art by Brandon Hurley

The proceeds will be donated to Humane Society Silicon Valley. The board keeps 24 Deep—and Jesse’s legacy—alive as a timeless treasure that any wall will welcome. Or you could skate it… whatever.

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