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Steve Perdue x Fireside Promo

We’re starting 2021 off proper with some never-before-seen HD footy of Steve Perdue cruising the streets of SF to celebrate FIREXSIDE’S Last Man Standing series. Here’s a little taste of what y’all been waitin’ for…

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Let Me Get a Bite: Austin’s Pilot Point Rendezvous

Take a bite and step into Austin Iles’ magical Pilot Point Rendevous. In this piece of lore, Travis Knight gets weird with Bobby Dodd, Connor Ferguson, and Steve Perdue… just to name a few.

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Dave Abair x Ft. Miley

Amidst raging California Wildfires and a Global Pandemic, we broke away from quarantine-life to catch up with San Francisco’s infamous Street Soldierâ„¢ David Abair.

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Last Man Standing x FIREXSIDE

FIREXSIDE pays tribute to two of the most prominent Toesmen left in the game: Tyler Price & Steve Perdue. These two street soldiers are always among the last men standing.

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Raymond Molinar x Memory Screen

A retrospective video project featuring Raymond Molinar, masterfully crafted by skateboard archivist @memoryscreen.

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A hilarious, touching & genius film by Tom Carter. Skateballs features Aaron Artis, Adam Crew, Owen Jones, Two Hawks Young, Shane Jenks, and Matt Gottwig for a must-see performance. Full video here!

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