It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at it for nearly three decades now. From toeblocks to toe-tours, we’ve been active on the streets and the road for the last twenty-some years. Today, as our beards grow grayer, such adventures are found far and few between. But when we do hit the open road, toesmen from abroad answer the calling, clocking in to contribute their magic to a journey that will breathe until we no longer can. With the birth of FIREXSIDE, new blood have found their way into the family, and if we say so ourselves, the next generation is looking strong.
Connor Ferguson

Connor Ferguson break'n out of his comfort zone

Brick Straight

Brick Straight - Back Smith Kiwanis Park - Yakima, Wa| photo: Zahina

This last trip to Yakima was a mash-up of those who have been with us for decades and those who have just joined us. We also reunited with Eastern Washington legends, Vito Luppino and Nich Kunz, lifetime friendships we’ll forever cherish. TMG staples such as Adam Crew and Fred Zahina were on-site for documentation. Both of them are working on an edit as I write this (which really means countless late-night phone arguments about who is smarter). I actually didn’t make the trip; I was out of my mind, day trading in my bathroom and sucking down Mike’s Harder Lemonades, the Pina Colada flavor. I didn’t see any profits, to say the least.
Nich Kunz

Straight outta the gate Boardslide Nich Kunz ✔️

Bobby Dodd

Bobby Dodd - Frontside Heelflip | Yakima Wa | photo: Zahina

If this is what the Senior Division look’n like I think we’ll be fine…

This legacy has been a long trip, with a few continuing the long haul while new recruits hop in like idling hitchhikers on an endless highway. They say home is where the heart is, and no matter where life places us, the heart is always on the road.
Toebock IN Yakima

Yakima Bound 2024 | Photo: Zahina

Toebock IN Yakima

Julian Quevedo & Bobby Yakima, Wa | Photo: Zahina

Big thanks to Jimmy Beebe for helping upgrade our hotel accommodations from Motel 6 to the Hilton. Aside from our desolate destination, it felt like we were on a Circa Footwear tour.

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