We lost one of the warmest souls that has ever lurked this earth. Hearts across this country have crumbled in the wake of Nick Ruddy’s untimely goodbye, and for anyone who knew him, a piece of us was taken, too. Our good friend, Twig, passed in New Orleans, June 15th, 2020, and we’re trying to bring him back home, while raising enough funds to cover the expenses left on his sister. Please, if you have the time or if you have a dime, make a donation so we can bring our brother home to honor the good times he shone on us, the smiles he shared with us, and the legacy he has inevitably left behind. The funds will immediately be allocated to cremation costs and the shipping of Nick’s ashes to his sister. Any donations leftover will be used for the memorial and any medical costs that come up due to his extensive stay at the hospital. Put yourself aside and charge it to the game, folks. It's time to celebrate a true sav. - Travis Knight

Memorial – Live Stream

“Don’t even trip, fool.” would surely be the first words out of his mouth if he knew his friends were writing this memorial for him, with that rotten little smirk he’d jet your way and you knew he was right. Not to trip. Hailing from Washington, Twig spent the better part of his life drifting around the USA, planting roots in Arizona, Colorado, and ultimately New Orleans where he spent his final days. Everybody considered Nick family; he was like the cooler little brother. He was always there to shoot the shit with and to enjoy some badass tunes. He enjoyed the simpler things in life like a little scratch on a curb, a pen & some paper and a couple cold ones with the homies. Twig passed on the morning of 15 June and will be gravely missed by his friends and family. Roll in peace, brother. - Travis Adams WB/7/RTC/TOEBOCK ‘Til tha birds chirp.