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Cam Barrett x Salish Return

In this Toe Spotlight, we sit down with Northwest legend Cam Barrett to talk about skating in Bellingham, recovering from serious injuries, and a 3-year project he’s been working on known as “Salish Return.” It was an honor to sit down with someone who we have fanned out on for decades. Cam… YOU’RE THE MAN!

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24 Deep: Jesse Erickson’s Legacy Lives On

This piece commemorates Jesse Erickson and the San Jose compound that touched so many of our lives: 24 Deep. To carry on Jesse’s legacy, FIREXSIDE Skateboards teams up with Brandon Hurley Arts to release a true and timeless treasure.

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Shad Spencer: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Shad Spencer has been fixing spots and filming video parts for over 20 years in the Mile High City, while also employing some of the best skateboarders to come out of Colorado. With the debut of his latest video project, we tap in with the Colorado legend for a TEAM TOE Update!

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Mike Salsberg: San Jose’s Secret Weapon

Mike Salsberg sits down for a first-time interview about the history of skateboarding in San Jose, Shrimp Louie, and his long-time connection with Team Toe.

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The Santa Rosa Stalwart: Storm Fogg

A downtown Santa Rosa skateboarding O.G. and a staple in Toebock American Folklore, Storm Fog checks in with an interview by Wes Allen.

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Last Man Standing x FIREXSIDE

FIREXSIDE pays tribute to two of the most prominent Toesmen left in the game: Tyler Price & Steve Perdue. These two street soldiers are always among the last men standing.

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