It could be said that the legendary Toesman are few and far between. It takes part ultimate manhood, part savagery and an extra special part of just having that “Badass” quality that makes you different then all others. This brings us to Great Toesman Throughout History. High on the list could be Beethoven. Or, Beehtoesman. If you didnt know, he went deaf and still wrote symphonies. During one of the last performances he was conducting, (while he was fully deaf) they finished and he turned around to see the crowd giving him a standing ovation. He could not hear this at all, and when he saw them he started crying and left. Anyways, this leads us to a total SAVAGE named Wilhelm Kempff who pretty much plays the piano keys just like Adam wishes he could twiddle a twat. Furious fingers crossing all sorts of scales and keys, going up and down the lineup. Just like A Crew, except the piano keys dont have bumps on them. Anyways, here are links to parts 1 and 3 of Beethovens “Moonlight Sonata” as performed by Willhelm Kempff. Part one is beautiful, but part three is FUCKING SAVAGE. Please watch. Thanks. – Boosh.

Part 1
Part 3


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