Our first trip through the Lone Star State with stops in Austin, Houston & Dallas, Texas. Featuring Silas Baxter-Neal, Tyler Price, Boosh, Jarod Saba, Adam Crew, Kevin Mcgowan, Cory Kozitas & Ken Goto and Mark Spencer along to help document the adventure.

Toebock x Texas

March 26th | Boosh’s Austin update
Iv’e only been to Texas once before, and that was just to fly in and then drive out as fast as possible, so I was kinda wierded out about how it was going to be. You know the old, “steers and queers” saying. That and the Bush people. I wasn’t seeing to many steers on the way in either, so that kinda gave me a case of the fear, but it went away pretty much right away. Seriously, everyone that we’ve come across has been overly hospitable, especially Elias Bingham, Jake Nunn, and everybody at No-Comply , which is pretty much killing the skateshop game. People have been cool as ice which surprised me, but again, the steers and queers thing was throwing me off. Extra big ups to Elias and Jake for letting us crash at their houses. And even extra thanks to this dude at Yellow Cab for leaving me one of the funniest creepiest messages I’ve ever heard.

Austin’s been good, Angel Ramirez, Johnny Layton, Dylan Rieder and AVE are here from Vans, so the skateboard game and the late night business have been properly handled. There was a skate demo/jam type of thing at this skatepark which was pretty funny as well. There was this kid doing his best flying carcass imitation on everything, and I got to witness multiple sackings, a scorpion, and finally a blunt to a ball focusing split in the bowl. Normally those are brutal to witness but he was mongo, walking around doing the Hot Topic grabs (holding the board by the truck) and just charging around with all the confidence in the world but almost none of the skill, so it was pretty funny. Thats pretty much it. Silas will get atleast 2 tricks every spot we go to, and everybody else has been coming up on some goods. Except A Crew because he forgot his board at that demo like a champ. You’d think he would’ve learned that by now, remembering the board. The nightlife is rad around here though, every night we’ve been out there have been drunk jocks getting in fights, and girls puking and falling over everywhere. Good stuff. Until next time, Jah bless.

March 27th | leaving austin

Diesel division her! : a little update down in the lonestar state. Day five now, things are goin good except for the dam rain yesterday. Otherwise the skating has been good and the spots have been ill. Lots of good ditchspots and and some unique gaps and shit. I will tell you know, tricks have been landed. Typical roadtrip though. Lots of beer and shitty food pretty much sums up the diet. Check out transworld for a little toebock /no-comply jam we did at the austin park. And a new addition to the crew as well will be arriving in Houston shortly. Mr. Saba. Thanks to Chris and the
no-comply gang for showing us around. And I want to give a shout out to jake and elias aswell for letting us crash at their pads in Austin. Thanks guys we appreciate it. Expect a better update soon from one of DA ILLAS. So we’ll keep you posted on the daily on goings of the texas WALK IT OUT tour 07. peace. -Tyler

March 30th | southwest motel
alright, so the story goes like this we’ve been in houston now for a few days skating with Guru and few others, tyler has been eating nothing but MEAT every meal, leftovers and what not savage like! boosh has been killing the game with the ladies in alleys and on the dance floor, so far mvps’ silas and tyler are in steady crushing ! Saba setting it off just living! leaving Saba, Kevin and guest Cory to handle the vibes! Mark and Ken Goto are handling it for TMG! -ACrew

March 30th | Boosh’s Houston Update
Hello there again. Not much has changed since the last update. We’re currently on the road between Houston and Dallas. If you wanted an update on the van though, the cigarette lighter stopped working and the middle compartment fell off from the center console or whatever its called. Other then that things are golden. As far as skating/living goes, shit has been getting iller as we go on. Jerrod Saba flew in yesterday and has been killing it since he got here. He’s been illin’, on and off the board. Is it because he’s worried about not producing footage and losing his spot on the beloved Toebock Industries? Probably not. But regardless, its good to have some new life around. Not that there was anything wrong with the old life, but I think you could understand what I’m saying. Unless you’re the people who leave comments on the Transworld site, then I’m pretty sure you have no clue what you’re doing right now, let alone have the ability to read words and complete sentences. Its called english motherfucker, do you speak it? Vibes are peaking at the moment. Good company is a thing that cannot be taken for granted. New nominee for the “Trying to get my name out der” is Dan Pagaeu, for his switch front board attempt on el toro. It should be renamed “el torso” after that, because I think his might have left body parts there after that. Rod James apparently has a new challenger. Theres only three days left, I think, until atleast half the crew flies out and we all go off to whatever part of the country we’re from. Its also Adam Crews birthday today. I wont tell you how old he is but just know you cant spell “man am” without the last two letters of his name. And an N, but whatever. Anyways, Houston was sick. Guru Khalsa, Filmer Robbie, and Wayne Patrick get the Most Valuable Playa’s for the Houston leg of the trip. Good spots, food, nightlife and company were provided by them, and was greatly appreciated. I dont know what you want to know besides that. There was a gypsy staying at our hotel that didnt look half bad. Well, she looked half good, so I guess that does mean she looked half bad. She was talking about how shed gotten implants the same time as her mom, and how her mom had tummy tucks and other things, but apparently none of them had heard of braces, because there’s sharks that would look at her mouth and go “god damn!” Anyways, I’ll be letting you know how Dallas goes, but until then enjoy the photos and video and try not to wrap it up if you’re doing it with a chick, condoms take away all of the sensation baby! Wagwan. -Boosh