Being out in Boston for two weeks has been as the east coasters say a “wicked good time!” Not to exaggerate but it has been one of the best trips I have been on in my entire life. The city exudes so much history but still contains that contemporary flavor as it holds more colleges than I thought a small city ever could. I had heard something upwards of thirteen colleges. Unreal. You know what that means, lots of skate spots and lots of women… The spots out here are so ill and raw that although they are a lot harder to skate I appreciate them more and like them more than your typical schoolyard spot or blown out handrail and/or stairs. The challenge and the look of the spot makes it that much more motivational to get a trick on. Anyways, I’ve come to known the locs and they have welcomed me with open arms. Shouts go to Kevin Coakley, Frankie Nash, Jimmy Lake, Matt Thompson, Romack, Orchard skate shop, Elliot Vecchia for filming, and CN for putting me up in his place and also filming me. His place was off the hook in Brookline Hills, an affluent Jewish neighborhood. That’s what got me most about the city was its architecture and the maintenance of its old look. Brick buildings are really dope to me… So in conclusion lots of skating went down, friends were made, many spots were hit, shit was eaten (major shit), sore and burnt for days, but most importantly clips were had. All the elements of a great skate trip. I wouldn’t choose to be living my life any other way. Off to New York for more mayhem. Toebock affiliate from the Southwest signing off. –PSewell