San Francisco, Ca 2012 | photo: Zahina
San Francisco, Ca | photo: Zahina


Steve Perdue has been traveling around the U.S. for the past decade skating, camping and getting into a little bit of everything else along the way. We thought it would be a perfect time to link up with Perdue at his current residence in San Francisco with hopes that he could share some insight into his upcoming Toebock video part, while also sharing what an average day looks like for him and ultimately what inspires this soft-spoken gent. -Adam Crew


What is American Folklore and what is this new Toebock video all about?
American Folklore consists of beliefs and customs, legends and tall tales that encompass or classify a particular group. It is also the name of the next Toebock video in the works. Of course, the video will mainly involve skateboarding, but it will also somewhat portray our way of living and our experiences with new places and people. The stories are almost endless, but hopefully, the video will give people a general idea about the Folklore of Toebock.



Will you help explain what is this “Perdue Single” video part is all about?
It’s a collection of somewhat new and old footage we’re not going to use in American Folklore but didn’t want it to go to waste.


Where are some of your favorite places enjoyed amongst these travels?
Our most recent trip, the Toebock Olympic Fireside Campout, took us to the Great North West, which has to be my favorite place I’ve been so far. It is refreshing to be deep in the forest with friends and family, good beverages and food. I really like the general idea of getting weird while also experiencing and respecting such a beautiful place.

Backside 180 Nosegrind | Austin, Tx | photo: Perry Hall
Backside 180 Nosegrind | Austin, Tx | photo: Perry Hall


San Francisco, Ca | photo: Zahina
San Francisco, Ca | photo: Zahina
Best thing about living in San Francisco?
Being able to bomb around the city whenever I want is definitely a favorite, and for such a small city, I feel like I haven’t even scraped the surface of exploring this place. Good people to skate with. Beautiful girls! It seems that there is a pretty friendly and open vibe out here, which I especially love.
Backside 180 | Denver, Co | photo: Roman Chavez
Backside 180 | Denver, Co | photo: Roman Chavez

How has living with Travis Knight ( Trava Daddy) taken an effect on this current project?
Many stories have been added to our Folklore because of Trava Daddy. He is definitely a good person to have around for good and bad influences. Late nights are always an option with Trava, which can be a con while working on a video part. It can be a pro also depending on what we get ourselves into. I’d say the pros’ are greater than the cons. Never a dull moment.


Heelflip | Bremerton, Wa | photo: Guizzetti


Single most influential thing in your life?
Right now traveling is the most influential thing in my life. I find it hard to stay put for too long or do the same thing over and over. It is good for me to keep a good balance of things, and constantly moving offers just that.



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